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Jenna Camille Burns, CEO of SELFMADEBABES.COM

Jenna Camille Burns


Jenna is a 29-year-old award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, & business coach. Jenna is the queen when it comes to connecting people. She has consulted CEO's, Politicians, and Business Owners. 

Having grit mixed with perseverance, hard work and dedication was how this small town east Texas native was raised.

A graduate of Arizona State University, Jenna received her undergraduate in Communications. Her expertise is in driving revenue growth through targeted strategies built on solid industry knowledge and a deep commitment to achieving each project’s goals.

She is passionate about identifying areas of improvement and working with teams to continuously innovate business practices through sales, events, and marketing. Her effort shows through driving growth and generating solid profit margins.

Throughout her career,  she has been fortunate to work with amazing teams and highly talented individuals and a significant part of her success can be attributed to helping establish common goals and providing positive motivation to achieve unprecedented success.

Jenna also owns a corporate networking business called Camille Events. She also runs a successful blog, Top Floor Corner Office, and manages these businesses alongside SELFMADEBABES.

Jenna's passion lies strongly within business strategy – not just making an idea come to life, but making sure this idea sells.

In her free time, she loves to train and workout (check out her fit babe collection), golfing, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with her love, Conrad and her pup, Sarah.

Her goals are to inspire self-made women. She has created a girl gang or tribe as some call it. It is a safe place to connect with other successful women. Self Made Babes is a circle of mind blowing women who are ready to live life on their own terms.

Jenna believes true self made babes should share their strategies for getting to the top and raise one another up because as we all know when women support each other, amazing things can happen.

We are all about doing what we love and doing lots of it. When passion and business come together, profits are a plenty.

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