12 Weeks to a Better You E-book

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  • What does it contain? 
  • 12-Weeks TO A BETTER YOU Guide
  • Contains HIIT, Plyometrics, Core Strengthing and Effective Cardio Methods
  • 29 Page Ebook
  • Workouts Can Be Done ANYWHERE 
  • Each Workout Can Be Done WITHIN 30 Minutes
  • Some Equipment Required. You will need  dumbbells 
  • Great For Busy Schedules for men and women

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Congratulations to a new and better you!
I wrote this program for each person so they can experience a great new change in their life. Not only physically but mentally as well. The nutrition
guide lines I have you eat will also greatly reduce inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the cause to all disease in the body. If we can reduce inflammation by changing our eating habits we can reduce disease and the problems that come along with it.
-You will look better in the mirror.
-You will have less body fat and more muscle.
-You will feel lighter on your feet.
-You will have better digestion.
-You will have less pain and aches.
-You will notice an improvement in your skin.
-You will be able to workout and run for longer periods of time.

-You will be become stronger
-You will overall become a healthier person.
-You will have more confidence
-You will INSPIRE others!
If you look in the table of contents, you will find a grocery list. Print this list out and go shopping. 

 *Sneak peek*

It really is okay to have one cheat meal a week but don't make eating junk a habit. Sometimes it is good to have some junk in your diet as it will speed up your metabolism and jump start's your detox process.
I also have a list of supplements that you should be taking for your overall health. If you want to take any supplements that are not on the list please ask me first so we can assure you will get the best results overall. You will find the supplements I recommend in the files I sent you.
I also ask that you buy a gym membership. We can do great work with just body weight but to get the most out of the program we should use weights. However, if you don’t have a membership you can still workout from home........


Purchase this now to continue reading. You will get a complete day to day diet guide with what meals to eat each day. Send me your results @jennacamilleburns on instagram! LETS DO THIS!!